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Tripping Animals Brewring | No Mames | Mexican Lager

Tripping Animals Brewring | No Mames | Mexican Lager

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Our culinary adventures have taken us all over the world looking for the coolest products. Who would have thought that we would find such a gem right here in Florida?

We meet the guys from "Tripping" and it was love at first sight. This is their most popular beer, their core classic. It is a crisp, clean and massively refreshing  Mexican lager with subtle notes of flaked corn. Limitlessly crushable, beyond satisfying. This is a craft beer you can drink at any time.



Tripping Animals is an independent and family-owned brewery based out of Doral, Florida. Its been around for a few years and they are brewing some of the best beer you will ever taste. 

The vision of Tripping Animals was to build on creating a passionate family team that brewed great beers in the State of Florida where they exist to love, service, and inspire their patrons.

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