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The Marbling Experience

The Marbling Experience

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In order to grade the quality of a beef carcass we look at the marbling or intramuscular fat, we do so by looking at  the ribeye muscle at the 12th rib. There are nine degrees of marbling and they are listed from the least amount to the highest.

If you want to understand (taste) the difference between the different degrees of marbling, and perhaps figure out what YOU like best... this is the IDEAL gift box for yourself or for someone you want to make feel special.

This gift set comes presented inside a beautiful Meat N' Bone Box which comes itself inside an insulated bag. There is reading material about the steaks as well as a personalized letter.

Box Includes:

1x Miyazaki A5 Boneless RibEye (10oz):  In September 2017, the Miyazaki-gyu was ranked 1st. for the third time in a consecutive row, this being a first in Japanese history and therefore rightfully enabled to use the title “Best Wagyu in the World”. Miyazakigyu Wagyu is the #1 Wagyu brand in Japan and supply stateside is quite limited. This steaks are usually sold for $35-$50 per oz at top steakhouses. 

1x Wagyu-Angus RibEye (12oz): Distinct flavor, color and marbling. The mix of a Wagyu-Angus.

1x  BMS 8-9 Wagyu Ribeye Steak (14oz): Best Wagyu out of Australia.

1x  BMS 6-7 Wagyu Ribeye Steak (16oz): An excellent Domestic Wagyu steak, some of the best American Wagyu produced.

1x USDA Prime RibEye (12oz): Sourced from the US MidWest, graded USDA Prime and aged for 30 days. This is the best Angus steak in the market.

1x USDA Choice G1 Certified RibEye (12oz): Our G1 steaks are excellent, but they still grade choice.

1x Entrecot (10oz): Our entry level RibEye, a cut from in-between the ribs. The best $9 steak in the market.

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