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The Beefer Experience

The Beefer Experience

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This experience has been built to experience "The Beefer", a broiler designed to give your steak the perfect sear. 

Our trained Grill Master (Beefer Master) will arrive at your place with a Beefer (regular model) and cook a series of steaks hand-picked by our butchers for you and a group of 5 (total of 6).

The steaks we have selected for this experience are:

* 1x 45+ USDA Prime Tomahawk Steak Dry aged for 45-60 days.

* 1x Japanese Wagyu Steak Miyazaki A5 Ribeye 

* 2x Domestic BMS6-7 Wagyu New York Strip Steaks 

* 1x USDA Prime Large Outside Skirt Steak 

* 2x Bottles of highly rated Argentinian wine "El Enemigo" (2015 vintage Malbec)

The idea is for you to experience exciting and new meats, and have someone there to explain where the meat is sourced from, how to cook it and how to eat it.

The experience takes 1-2 hours, each steak is cut to be shared... we cook one steak at a time in the beefer and explain in detail the source and what makes every cut different.

We pair this experience with Argentinian Malbec wine "El Enemigo" which makes it excellent. Upgrade to Caymus Wine 2017 (Cabernet)

Once you book an Experience you will receive a phone call from one of our team members to SCHEDULE date and time as well as discuss menu options. 

We require at-least a week in advance to serve this experience as we only schedule our most experienced Grill Masters for these type of services. 

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