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Tenderloin Kebabs Skewers | 20 Pieces

Tenderloin Kebabs Skewers | 20 Pieces

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The tenderloin is the leanest, most tender part of the animal. There isn’t that much of it per steer which is why it's so expensive and coveted.

When we cut it into perfect-sized filets, there are left-over pieces that we turn into kebabs... and THEY ARE PERFECT for skewers. We make them so you can eat each piece in one bite.

Served with veggies and/or sauces such as chimichurri.

They can be served:

Alone as a hors d'oeuvres

Order Size: 20 pieces

Equipment Required: Grill

Plating: Not required. Finger food, can be passed around on a tray or disposable.

Recommended Add-ons: matching sauces and other types of proteins such as chicken, pork or even with veggie skewers.

Priced per order, will arrive prepped and ready to finish at the destination. Labor and serving-ware not included.  Plated meals require 1 Server per 10 Guests and Station/Buffets require 1 Server per 30 guests. Get The Cook service personnel are required for all receptions and hospital functions. 

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