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"Ten To Chi" Junmai Daiginjo Heaven & Earth Sake

"Ten To Chi" Junmai Daiginjo Heaven & Earth Sake

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Experience the divine harmony of "Ten To Chi" Junmai Daiginjo Heaven & Earth Sake. This premium sake, crafted from finely polished rice, offers a delicate blend of floral aromas and fruity undertones. Its smooth texture and crisp finish embody the rich tradition of Japanese sake brewing. Ideal for any celebratory occasion, "Ten To Chi" not only complements a fine meal but elevates the entire dining experience. Explore the serene balance between Heaven and Earth with each sip, and let the authentic taste of Japan grace your palate.

This sake goes well with any protein but we particularly like it with a fine steaks, but particularly A5 steaks.

Made with Koshi Tanrei milled to 50% remaining. Designed for premium ginjo and daiginjo grade sake, Koshi Tanrei is grown locally, exclusively for Niigata sake producers. This was one of the first Koshi Tanrei based sakes released in Japan.

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