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Steakhouse 1/4 lbs Burgers (4 patties) | USDA Prime/Choice

Steakhouse 1/4 lbs Burgers (4 patties) | USDA Prime/Choice

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A proper burger patty needs to have the right mix of fat and high-quality beef. We use USDA high-quality prime beef for our burger patties. If you see your grill sizzle and flare up when you place it to cook, it means it will have great taste.

We aim for 20/80 fat-to-high-quality beef ratio. We recommend seasoning with Salt and Pepper and cooking to medium. But that's what WE would do. You can do anything you please.

Note this is a good burger for kids, it is thin which means it is great for smashed burgers but at the same time its hard to cook them to the desired temperature (unless you liked it charred)


Purchasing high-quality ground beef as opposed to cheaper variants significantly impacts your culinary experience. Quality ground beef, sourced from reputable butchers or farms, tends to have a better flavor, and texture, and often a more ethical and sustainable production background. Conversely, cheaper ground beef might come from questionable sources such as slaughterhouses, possibly affecting taste and overall quality. Moreover, higher-quality beef is often fresher and handled with better hygiene standards, making it a safer and healthier choice. Investing in good ground beef not only elevates your meals but can also align with better animal welfare and environmental standards.


Cooking Tip: The tip to burger patties is not having them sit around forever.  If you are not going to cook them right away then they need to be wrapped tightly, otherwise, they should be grilled right away.

Source: US MidWest

This product has been aged for 30+ Days to improve tenderness and flavor

 USDA Grade: Mix of USDA Prime and USDA Choice Beef




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