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Spider Steak | BMS7+ Wagyu

Spider Steak | BMS7+ Wagyu

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Also known as Oyster Steak and Pope's Eye (UK) the Spider steak is one of those crafty, rare cuts that butchers used to keep for themselves. The name comes from the look, it resembles a Spider web, or an Oyster (to be frank, no idea why the folks from the UK call it Pope's eye).

The Spider steak comes from the hip of the cow, because cows only have 2 hips, there are only 2 Spider Steaks. It takes a lot of skill to get the spider steak cut right because its got plenty of fat.. 

The Oyster is extremely unique and rare because it is a small steak, natural and flavorful. It is a cut that has superior marbling, even in breeds that do not present that much marbling. That said, at Meat N' Bone we only offer Wagyu Spider steak... because it is a Wagyu cut that will NOT break the bank.

Cooking the spider steak is simple, it is just like cooking flap or flank. Grill over high heat, turning the steak only once after a rich, golden crust has not go beyond a medium. Three minutes a side should be more than enough for a medium-rare.

Want to learn more about the Spider steak? Check out Jess Pryles blog! (


Source: USA | Kuroge Washu bulls

 Best for: Grilling

 Best Cooked: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well






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