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Spanish Delight

Spanish Delight

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Jamon Iberico is considered the finest ham in the world. If the ham is so good, imagine what the rest of the pig tastes like!

Thanks to Meat N' Bone, you can now taste the best Pork out of Spain, hand-delivered to your door. This is definitely the Wagyu of Pork!

What does this bundle include?

1x Iberico Pork Tenderloin: Pork Tenderloin is NOT to be confused with Pork Loin. This is a rarely used muscle, which means it's SUPER tender.

1x Iberico Pork Chop: This Pork Chop is a Rib Chop, meaning it comes from the front of the animal. When it comes to Pork (and lamb and almost every other animal) the Rib Chop and the loin are the exact same muscle, the difference is where on the animal you take it from. If it looks like a Ribeye, it comes from the Rib Chop, if it looks like a Porterhouse (even without the tenderloin attached to it) its a Loin Chop.  Note that the rib chop is ALWAYS the better chop (for pork)... as the pork is always more marbled on the front than in the rear of the animal.

1x Meat N' Bone Ashy Black Garlic Salt: Our own Ashy Black Garlic Salt is a premium culinary condiment, masterfully crafted to elevate the flavor profile of a wide range of dishes. This unique seasoning blend combines the rich, umami depth of black garlic with the crisp, mineral essence of high-quality salt. Black garlic, known for its complex and slightly sweet taste, is created through a careful aging process where traditional garlic transforms, acquiring a deep black color and a sticky, date-like texture. When combined with salt, it results in a harmonious blend that adds not just flavor but also a touch of exotic elegance to any meal.

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