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South American Asado Special

South American Asado Special

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The Asado or Churrascada is one of the most prized cultural experiences you can have in South America. Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are renowned for their culture of grilling. But every other country in South America follows the same general standards of "asado" (bbq).

This bundle or gift set brings some of the most traditional pieces of a true asado:

- 1x Argentinian Chorizo (/products/argentinian-sausage-4-pack) : The traditional argentinian sausage.. world famous.

- 1x GrillMaster's Chimichurri Sauce: (/products/grillmasters-chimichurri-sauce)  Handmade weekly by us, it is a key, fantastic, element for this bundle! 

- 1x USDA Prime Short Ribs - Flanken Style: (/products/short-ribs-flanken-style)  Thinly slices of "asado de tira" meat to be cooked quickly on the grill. An ideal appetizer. 

- 1x USDA Prime Vacio (Flap): (/products/vacio-flap-meat)  Wet aged for 30+ days, extremely tender. This is a staple of south American Cuisine.

- 1x USDA Prime Tri-Tip: (/products/tri-tip-colita-de-cuadril)  Marbled, lean, delicious. Best cooked lower and slower.. but does not require it. 

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