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Snow Crab | Cocktail Claws

Snow Crab | Cocktail Claws

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 Snow Crab Cocktail Claws are a delectable seafood delicacy that captivates both the eyes and the palate. These succulent claws are harvested from the snow crab, a species known for its sweet and delicate meat.

The Snow Crab Cocktail Claws are characterized by their distinctive appearance, boasting an elegant and intricate structure with a reddish-brown hue. Their long, slender shape is complemented by a hard outer shell, protecting the tender, juicy meat nestled within.

These are very bright and clean shells, they are cut right above the pinzer to expose just the right amount of crab. —a generous portion of pristine white crab meat, prized for its delightful texture and mildly sweet flavor. The flesh is exceptionally tender, making it a pleasure to savor with every bite.

Snow Crab Cocktail Claws are often served chilled, making them a refreshing and appetizing option for seafood enthusiasts. Their naturally flavorful taste requires minimal seasoning, allowing the essence of the crab meat to shine through. Paired with a tangy cocktail sauce or a squeeze of fresh lemon, they become a delightful indulgence for any occasion.

These claws are not only visually appealing but also a convenient choice. Their individual size makes them perfect for effortless enjoyment, whether as an elegant appetizer, a sophisticated addition to a seafood platter, or a decadent topping for salads and pasta dishes.

Whether you're a seasoned seafood aficionado or a newcomer to the world of crab delicacies, Snow Crab Cocktail Claws offer an exquisite culinary experience that combines the beauty of their presentation with the irresistible taste of their tender meat.


These snow crabs are caught in the waters of Alaska, Russia, and Canada, and they are U12-16 size. 


Open up the bag and thaw overnight. If you must have them immediately thaw under cold water. Once thawed, do not refreeze. 

The claws are cooked right after they are fished, however, stone crab will always require a nice dipping sauce, lemon, and salt... We usually throw them in simmering salted water for under a minute to add additional flavor.


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