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Smoked Duck with Apple Jack Brandy

Smoked Duck with Apple Jack Brandy

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Rich, juicy duck is paired with applejack brandy for a flavor profile you won’t believe! Applejack brandy used to be the country’s most popular drink - it has all the depth and warmth of whiskey with a touch of apple sweetness. When combined with duck in this outstanding sausage, both flavors really shine. A touch of pork and beef is added to temper the richness as well as a hint of cherry syrup. This blend renders the sausage the perfect mix of sweet and rich.

Ingredients: Duck, pork, beef (beef, beef cheek), duck skin, backon (water, salt, less than 2% of brown sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite), water, salt, sugar, cherry syrup (pure cane sugar, water, cherry flavor, concentrated lemon juice),

This is perfect on both the grill or pan fried. 

This item MIGHT be delivered frozen. 


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