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Smoked Atlantic Salmon Side

Smoked Atlantic Salmon Side

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Only the highest quality Atlantic salmon is used for this product. Fresh fillets are hand-cured with a blend of Pacific sea salt and brown sugar and artfully smoked in an open-fire smoker.

Specially selected woods and herbs give this product its distinctive, signature flavor. These fine, smoked salmon delicacies are all natural and ready to eat — with no artificial preservatives.

Balmoral – Medium Smoke Flavor

Taking only the finest quality fresh Atlantic salmon it is hand cured with pure sea salt, brown sugar and fresh herbs then smoked in small batches using aged oak whisky barrels. The salmon is then fully trimmed by hand to remove all dark meat, sliced paper thin, and vacuum packed fresh. With its rich buttery texture and medium sweet smoke flavor, this smoked salmon melts in your mouth and is reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands cure.

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