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Slice of Foie Gras | Grade A

Slice of Foie Gras | Grade A

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Foie Gras is delicious, that said we do not always have the use for a full lobe of it... or do not want to deal with having to slice the lobe. Whatever reason, this product is basically a small 2oz slice of Grade A Foie Gras.


This Grade A Duck Foie Gras comes from Moulard Ducks that are raised on a 200-acre farm in Upstate New York. The Moulard Duck is a cross between a Muscovy male and a Pekin female. They are fed a recipe of an all-vegetarian diet made right on the farm. With a great yield, Moulard Duck eats like a steak and has a deep red color. These ducks are 100%  are part of the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, steroids and hormones are never used. 

Duck meat represents the epitome of healthy and hearty, high-quality meat. Its robust flavor is met with a mouthwatering tenderness.

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