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Short Rib Plate (3 Bone) | G1 Certified

Short Rib Plate (3 Bone) | G1 Certified

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It's hard to find a good short rib but not only have we done this, we've found a GREAT beef short rib plate cut into a size that is manageable (3 bones).

Remember that they are best cooked low and slow. We recommend just adding salt and placing in a slow cooker/smoker/crockpot for 4-8 hours. The meat will fall off the bone.

What Makes Our Beef Short Rib Plate Special?

Our Short Rib plate is G1 certified sourced from independent farms in the US Midwest. These short ribs are highly marbled and full of flavor. These short ribs will be slightly smaller than what you will find at your local butcher? Why? Well it is the G1 certification. Also, we actually trim them slightly because we do not want to sell our customers a thick layer of fat.

Our cows will never exceed 1,050 lbs which is the weight of a healthy cow. In fact, prior to GMOs and modern mass production practices steers rarely broke 1,000 lbs. The average cow at your local shop will come from a program where cows may weight all the way up to 2,000+ lbs.

What does that mean? Larger and thicker short rib plates.

But larger and thicker short ribs do not make better short ribs. Our short ribs will hold their own even when compared against Wagyu short ribs from the best programs in the US. From a price / value proposition, this product is amazing!!!

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