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San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750ml bottle - Case of 12

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750ml bottle - Case of 12

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Bottled Sparkling Water.

S.Pellegrino’s success is deeply rooted in its extraordinary heritage, value, and iconic identity—all expressions of its unique Italian spirit. Ever since its foundation in 1899, S.Pellegrino has been a premium brand synonymous with style.


For 120 years, S.Pellegrino has been exporting excellence around the globe to become an international icon of taste and elegance. This incredible story that has merged elements of design, tradition and taste, begins in the Alps to eventually arrive at your table. It has flowed through golden eras from the Belle Epoque, rich with literary and artistic giants right up to the present to enhance and add style to your good food moments. This icon of Italian taste has been passed down to become our Tasteful Italian Story. This is a story in the making and we will nurture it for another 120 years.

SOLD PER CASE: Each Case contains 12 glass bottles of 750ml.

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