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Picanha Steak | G1 Certified

Picanha Steak | G1 Certified

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Picanha is a roast, a glorious one and one of the top selling items at Meat N' Bone. However, many are intimidated or simply do not have enough people to feed to buy a whole Picanha.

Our Wagyu Picanha Steaks were a hit, so we decided to cut afew of our G1 Picanhas insto steaks as well. 


Our Picanha is G1 Certified, meaning it is of the highest quality in the market. This means you will always get beef with moderate marbling, grade "A' maturity and it is sourced specifically from a couple specific farms in the MidWest. Our Picanha has been wet aged for 30 days.

There is plenty of Holestein Picanha out there. Meat N' Bone carries G1 Certified, Angus Picanha with a 3/4 fat layer... and that is what makes it special.

You will not only get the beef marbling, but you are eating premium beef from Angus steers ("A" maturity), fed with premium grain and pasture.  These are steers that weight less than 1,050 lbs. This is "the good stuff" raised and processed in America, aged and cut in Chicago. 


We only source from specific farms and vendors. Each one vetted for high quality. If we cannot find a product, we mark it out of stock. We do not sacrifice quality.

Aside from the grading of our beef, our aging standards are far superior than those of your supermarket butcher which ages beef, at most, for about as week. All of our premium cuts are aged for for at-least 30 days. This guarantees tenderness, texture and flavor.

We hand-cut EVERY steak, which means we inspect each piece carefully, we trim away the fat and we make every steak meet our rigorous standards. Last but not-least we vacuum seal, which makes a HUGE difference.


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