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Picanha Steak | A5 Miyazakigyu Japanese Wagyu

Picanha Steak | A5 Miyazakigyu Japanese Wagyu

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Learn about how we label beef and wagyu grading standards (/blogs/the-clever-cleaver/wagyu-grading-system-differences) .

Indulge in the unparalleled luxury and taste of the Picanha Steak A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu from Meat N' Bone. Sourced from the renowned Miyazaki region in Japan, this top-tier Picanha Steak is a gourmet delight, known for its superior marbling, tender texture, and savory flavor that tantalizingly melts in your mouth with every bite.

Our A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Picanha Steak is a premium cut that exemplifies gourmet excellence. Whether you choose to grill it to perfection or sear it for a succulent finish, this coveted cut transforms any meal into a memorable gastronomic adventure. Experience the authentic taste of Japanese Wagyu with the rich, buttery flavor and unmatched tenderness that sets our Picanha Steak apart.

Elevate your culinary endeavors with the epitome of beef luxury – the Picanha Steak A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu from Meat N' Bone. Your journey into the extraordinary world of gourmet meats begins here.

About A5 Wagyu Picanha

A5 Miyazaki beef is measured on five factors:

2. Marbling

4. Meat color and brightness

6. Firmness

8. Texture of meat

10. Color, luster and quality of fat

In the quality grade, the lowest score from the four items of the yield grade is adopted. In other words, even if grade 5 was given to marbling, color and brightness, and firmness and texture, and only fat assessments was grade 4, the quality grade of this beef is classified as grade 4. Quality grading is severely done.

A5 means this beef excels in every single factor. It has a gorgeous webbing of fat that creates a creamy texture in each bite. It's literally like tasting a cloud; a cloud of delicious and succulent beef.

Like all of our steaks, they come vacuum sealed and have been hand-cut by our expert butchers.

The Miyazaki-gyu Difference

At Meat N' Bone we made the conscious decision of selling not only Miyazaki A5, but Miyazaki Gyu because it is the best in the world. Other Wagyu from the area that do not meet the criteria for Miyazakigyu must be sold as "Miyazaki Kensan Gyu" or "Beef from Miyazaki Prefecture."

All Miyazakigyu is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is Miyazakigyu. Miyazakigyu is one step above Miyazaki Wagyu and is the cream of the crop of all Wagyu from Miyazaki. It is quite literally the best beef in the world.

Every five years, national “Wagyu Olympics” are held to determine Japan’s, and therefore the world’s, best Wagyu. Miyazaki-Gyu is the only Wagyu Program to win this award twice in a row (2007 and 2012) and then be a runner up in 2017.

You can and will find cheaper A5 beef. In fact, even Kobe beef is cheaper. But we chose to offer the best beef in the world at the most affordable price that we could. Our A5 wagyu picanha is in a class of its own.

How to Cook it?


Preparation: Allow your A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Picanha Steak to come to room temperature by leaving it out for about 30-60 minutes before cooking.


Seasoning: Generously season your steak with sea salt to accentuate the luxurious flavors inherent in the Wagyu beef.


Initial Searing: Preheat your grill or cast-iron skillet on high heat, then sear your Wagyu steak for about 1-2 minutes on each side to achieve a beautiful crust.


Cooking: Lower the heat to medium, and continue cooking your steak to your desired level of doneness, typically an additional 3-4 minutes for a medium-rare finish.


Resting: Allow your gourmet Miyazaki Wagyu steak to rest for about 10 minutes, letting the juices redistribute throughout the meat.


Slicing: Slice your steak against the grain and savor the unmatched tenderness and flavor of Meat N' Bone's Picanha Steak A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu.

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