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Otto Wilde Grill | Broiler/Broiler

Otto Wilde Grill | Broiler/Broiler

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Everyone loves a great steak. But, is there anything more difficult to grill at home than a sizzling, melt-in-your mouth steak you get at a high-end steakhouse? The reason is your grill. It’s not capable of achieving the extreme temperatures needed to sear a steak quickly to give the steak a delicious, flavor-sealing crust. With The Otto Grill, you can cook juicy, tender and flavorful steakhouse-caliber steaks right in your own backyard.

Why Otto's 1,500°F Steak Grill?

1,500°F grilling heat
The secret to a perfect steak? The right temperature. At 1,500°F intense grilling heat your steak develops a wonderful crust while remaining tender on the inside.

2 minutes - done!
After only a few minutes Otto's steak grill is ready to go and your food will be done in no time.

Easy handling
Otto's Steak Grill is quick and easy to use and to clean. The grill grate can be adjusted flexibly in height and fits even the largest Porterhouse steak.

100% Made in Germany
Built to last, built to perform and built to look great. For its outstanding product design Otto's Steak Grill won the prestigious German Design Award 2018.

Otto Lite or Otto Pro?

The guys behind the Otto have three models, the difference between them is not massive, we usually recommend our customers to go with either the Lite or the Pro. 


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