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Ostrich Burger | 3-pack

Ostrich Burger | 3-pack

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Ostrich meat was the original inspiration to brothers, Lance and Todd Appelbaum, owners and operators of Roaming Acres Farm, located in Sussex County, New Jersey for over a quarter century. 

Ostrich offers the healthiest red meat alternative. Boasting more health benefits than skinless chicken breast and turkey, Ostrich is 99% fat-free and these are fed an all-vegetarian diet of farm-local alfalfa hay, corn and soybean meal.

Ostrich meat tastes like beef but with a more reddish color and texture. It is healthier than most meats, is rich in iron, and does not taste like other bird meat.  This is the perfect option for the first-timer to start tasting the world of exotic meats! 

Recommended by the American Heart Association, Ostrich is raised to the specifications of the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, hormones and steroids are never administered. 


 Ostrich tastes similar to grass-fed beef but resembles low-fat game meats like venison.


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