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Midorikawa "Green River" | Junmai Sake 720ml

Midorikawa "Green River" | Junmai Sake 720ml

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Crisp, green apple and honeydew melon. Brewed and then aged for over a year at very low temperatures before being blended and bottled. 

Midorikawa is a 135-year-old, family owned boutique brewery in the snowy, mountainous south-eastern part of Niigata Prefecture. The area is famous for producing the most expensive and delicious sushi rice called koshihikari. Midorikawa is a topflight producer of clean, pristine, connoisseur sake and have won gold medals at Japan National Sake Competition in 2015, 2008, etc.

This sake is exceptional in that the sake is stored at low temperatures for more than a year for maturation. After a year in snow storage the brew master blends to create a complex, consistent, seasoned and unique final product. All of the flavors and aromas are in harmony with each other.


* Gohyakumangoku

* Hokuriku #12

* Koshi Ibuki Yeast: G74

* ABV: 15.5%

* SMV +4

* Acidity 1.7

* AA 1.3

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