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Maine Lobster (Live)

Maine Lobster (Live)

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At Meat N' Bone we are HUGE fans of lobster. We do not discriminate, we love both Caribbean Lobster and Maine Lobster. However, in Florida it is hard to find Maine Lobster. Until now.

We have partnered with a premium supplier for Maine and will be receiving LIVE Main lobsters on a weekly basis. However, these lobsters are ONLY available for Local Delivery or Pickup on Thursdays or Fridays. Orders MUST be placed at-least 48 hours in advance.

We will NOT ship live main lobsters, so this is a delivery / pick-up item only.

All orders are FINAL no refunds or cancellations 

What Is The Deal With Maine Lobsters?

Many chefs and foodies believe that the cold water in the north-east makes for lobsters that offer more flavor and taste better than their Caribbean counterparts. We have put it to the test and end up eating both Caribbean and Maine lobsters and enjoying both of them... the thing I love the most about Maine Lobster's is that they look exactly like cartoons taught me lobsters should look like 


These lobsters are FRESH and WILD CAUGHT.

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