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Lamb Shoulder (Boned, Rolled and Tied)

Lamb Shoulder (Boned, Rolled and Tied)

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This is a high quality boneless lamb shoulder. It has been prepped for you... which is why it is BRT which stands for Boned (bone has been removed), it has been rolled and tied with twine to help it retain a shape which will allow it to cook evenly.

Some recipes call for the removal of the fat, but if you braise properly, the fat will melt away and you can skim it later. Do not braise at  too high a heat or the fat will not melt away.

This boneless lamb shoulder is ideal  long, slow braising to bring out natural flavors and tenderness. Juicy and succulent. Comfort food at its best.

Want to know more about domestic lamb? Click here (  to check out our blog post about it! 

This item MIGHT be delivered frozen.  Concerned? You should not be.

How To Cook Lamb Shoulder


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