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Lamb Chops, Double Rib (3pc per package)

Lamb Chops, Double Rib (3pc per package)

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This was the first NON BEEF product that Meat N' Bone offered, and that is because we could not pass on the opportunity to sell these AMAZING double rib lamb chops.

These lamb chops are the best of the best, the USDA Prime of Lamb. La creme de la creme. 

They come from  the Van Well Farms in Watertown, South Dakota and are a treat. They are delicate and delicious and are perfect for any situation. These are some of the best lamb chops to be found in the US.


What makes these lamb rack so special is that they are raised like beef. They are raised eating high quality pasture and grass and finished on grain. These "happy lambs" are raised on a stress free environment where everything is controlled for them to grow healthy and happy. This practice leads to a mellow flavor and lots of marbling.

Read more about why we sell Domestic Lamb (


Domestic Lamb is more premium and harder to procure. Domestic Lamb is 1.5x larger than imported lamb and it has a milder flavor. Unlike lamb from Australia or New Zealand, it does not have a "gamey" flavor.

Lamb chops should be cooked like a T-Bone or Tomahawk basically you are looking for a good burned char on the outside with a pink center. This will yield a rich and juicy flavor. 


This item MIGHT be delivered frozen. 


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