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Kristal Caviar | Kaviari

Kristal Caviar | Kaviari

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Sizes 50g (1.76oz) and up usually require 24-48 hours to process before shipment. 

If you go to your local gourmet market you are going to find a lot of caviar. That said, none of them will have the quality and traceability of Kaviari. Kaviari selects its caviar at the source. Their team spends regularly a few days on the fishing farm, to select the sturgeons on the spot. The caviar is then sent and stored in the refrigerated room of their lab in Paris for maturation. Kaviari takes pride in selecting, aging, and packing all of its caviar in-house, complying with all the hygiene and safety standards (HACCP standards).

If you are looking for a good Caviar, this Kristal Caviar is best-in-class. it is the Michelin-Starred Chefs' favorite caviar.  It goes well with ANY seafood application or on its own (the butchers have been known to eat this caviar with chips. Do not judge!!)

It is produced from the cross-breed of "Acipenser Schrenki" and "Acipenser Dauricus" surgeons. Just simply beautiful, with a dark to golden amber color. Rich and complex flavors with a final note of almond. The favorite caviar of famous Chefs. Subtle flavors with an almond finish.

Tasting suggestion: as a rare delicacy, caviar is preferably enjoyed with a pearl or wooden spoon. You can enjoy it with warm toasted bread, a blini, or just neat, which is ideal to fully appreciate its flavors. Enjoy caviar in small amounts, letting the grains explode against your palate... its delicately-scented flavor will then free itself!

Ingredients: sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E284.
Preservation: keep cold at 0 ° / + 4 °. Can be kept in the fridge for 3 months before opening. After opening, must be consumed within 48 hours.

Useful recommendation: allow 30 to 50g per person - 15g for an appetizer (en-K de caviar).

Kaviari Traceability

Every tin is labeled with complete information about the caviar: species, origin, batch number, registration code, best-before-date, and ingredients. This labeling enables to track with precision each caviar for the food control services (CITES, customs, fraud prevention, and veterinary services) to check the professionalism of caviar importers/distributors.

About Kaviari

When it comes to caviar, there is no better name than Kaviari, located in the heart of Paris. Kaviari selects at the source of its caviar and follows scrupulously every stage of the production. Thanks to its recognized know-how and flawless traceability, Kaviari earned the trust of numerous prestigious chefs in the world ... The company is now sharing its unique caviar expertise with 15 (out of 26) three Michelin-starred chefs in France, such as Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard...

The company was founded more than 40 years ago by Raphael Bouchez along with his friend and mentor, Jacques Nebot, one of the world's most respected caviar experts. Today, along with Jacques' children - Karin and Laurent -, they keep sharing their passion for caviar, family traditions, and culinary craft.

Once Upon A Time...

The greatest stories always start with a friendship. Plantin Kaviari was born out of the mutual respect of two of the world finest culinary brands, Plantin - the truffles, run by the Poron family - and Kaviari - the caviar,  run by the Nebot family and Raphael Bouchez - . It was only a matter of time before their shared love and passion for culinary craft, family traditions, chefs and fine food brought them together. Plantin Kaviari first came to birth in Hong Kong, 5 years ago, under the name Gourmet en Provence, distributing the finest food brands to chefs and fine food lovers. In the wave of their tremendous success, Kaviari joined Plantin in NY in 2015. Plantin Kaviari, an international fine foods distribution brand operating in Hong Kong - Macau and the USA, was officially born that year. Today the two families are continuing their exciting culinary journey abroad together and would be honored to have you joined them. But first, let's hear the story of one of the parent companies : Kaviari. Once upon a time, there was the ... Iranian Caviar.

Tasting caviar is like listening to a mysterious tale from the deepest seas. It is a wonderful delicacy born from the purest waters and one of the most coveted gourmet ingredients, by both chefs and fine food lovers all over the world, thanks to its stunning shining roes and its delicate, refined flavor. It took a country and sleepless nights of fearless and passionate fishermen to unlock caviar's best hidden secrets : Iran. Once upon a time, they decided to share their knowledge while fishing on the Caspian Sea with Jacques Nebot who, out of passion, founded Kaviari.

Founded more than 40 years ago by Raphael Bouchez - the protege - and Jacque Nebot - the mentor - , Kaviari has ever since deepened its expertise on caviar by perfecting secret iranian traditions. This unique knowledge is now shared between Raphael, Jacques and his children, Karin and Laurent. As one might say, passion runs in the family. They are now dedicating their time to sharing caviar's best hidden secrets, along with their passion for family traditions and culinary excellence with chefs and fine food lovers all over the world.

Because caviar and other seafood delicacies are a gift from the sea, Kaviari has become a part of an entire pro-sustainability movement. Kaviari was one of the first caviar house to turn to farm-raised caviar to prevent wild fishing and a global sturgeon extinction. Respect of the fish natural cycle and the purity of the water... Kaviari is working really hard to become a true sustainable brand, mindful and respectful of the Nature it owes everything to.

Kaviari has been fortunate to earn the trust of the most celebrated chefs in the world - Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard ... - and now serves more than 15 (out of 26) three Michelin-starred chefs in France. Beyond a simple business relationship, what they have developed is a real friendship based on a shared passion for the finest food and culinary craft. And they lived happily ever after.

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