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Kosher RibEye Steak

Kosher RibEye Steak

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 These Kosher RibEyes are of extremely high quality. They are imported from Uruguay after a rigorous hand-selection process. 

Our Kosher beef has been certified by the CrC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) as well as by UO  (Orthodox Union) 

Our RibEyes are a sight to behold, cut from the center of the ribcage, perfectly portioned and sized. 

Recommended Doneness: Medium-Rate, Medium, Medium-Well

Best Cooked: Grilled, pan-seared, broiled with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. 

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The ribeye is cut from the rib of the animal, and has a circular shaped chunk of meat encased in a thin layer of gristle just off the bone.  

Ribeye presents excellent marbling, loaded with flavor and remains tender during most cooking processes.

Source: Uurguay


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