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Kosher Boneless Short Ribs

Kosher Boneless Short Ribs

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 These Kosher Boneless Short Ribs are of extremely high quality. They are imported from Uruguay after a rigorous hand-selection process. Because of restrictions importing beef with bones into the US, we had to remove the bone... 

These ribs are full of flavor, they are very similar to the Country Style Short Ribs. Best cooked slow and low, but also do very well on the grill.

These ribs are cut from the blade end of the loin close to the shoulder... they come from the chuck. They are boneless, flavorful and juicy and they make the PERFECT meal. 

Our Kosher beef has been certified by the CrC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) as well as by UO  (Orthodox Union) 


Source: Uurguay


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