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Jeeper "In Love" Champagne Cuvee | Brut

Jeeper "In Love" Champagne Cuvee | Brut

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At Meat N' Bone we love products that are special and different. This Champagne has it all. This is a small production boutique Champagne, if you have not heard about it, that is because they do not really advertise it. They produce only 250,000 bottles that are distributed among 50 countries... so it is not that much.

The Brut Cuvee "in Love" Champagne is fruity to the nose and presents lovely toasty notes. Creamy texture, fine bubbles very long finish. An excellent Champagne.

Expect little to no hangover, this is truly a special drink.


Yes, this Champagne is named after a Jeep. Specifically, a Willis Jeep from WW2. In 1949, the son of the owner, Armand, returned from the Second World War during which he had worked for the French Resistance.

He had been captured by the Gestapo and tortured. Both his legs were broken, which left him paralyzed and unable to move, particularly around the slopes of the grounds at his family's vineyards at Faverolles and Coëmy. As a way to thank Armand for his sacrifice, the American Army, who Armand had worked for, kindly supplied him with one of their Willys Jeeps, which allowed him to ascend the vineyards with ease. He quickly became known locally as “Monsieur Jeeper” and having an eye to marketing and wishing to present a distinct image that would stand out from the crowd, he changed the name of the House to Jeeper.

Today Jeeper still operates from Faverolles and Coëmy, near Reims. The business is now owned by Nicolas Dubois and Michel Reybier. Their joint policy is to produce Champagnes of absolute excellence. 


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