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Jamon de Bellota (Acorn Fed) 100% Iberico | Just Carved

Jamon de Bellota (Acorn Fed) 100% Iberico | Just Carved

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Meat N' Bone now carries the freshest Jamon 100% Iberico, directly from Spain... hand carved by master carvers, then vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. The weight of this product is 2.5 Oz

Jamon Iberico is considered the finest ham in the world. In fact Jamon Iberico led the top 4 world’s finest foods list. The honorable list defines foie, caviar, truffle and jamon iberico as the four gastronomic pearls.

Heck, until the 13th century Jamon was exclusively served to the royalty. Good thing we are in the 21st century isn't it!?

To be called "Jamon Iberico" it must be from black iberian pigs and raised in Portugal or Spain.

The quality of Jamon Iberico is determined by 2 factors: The feed and how long it is cured for.

This is the top category of Jamon Iberico – the finest available – and indicates a pure-bred Iberian pig which has been fed only on acorns during the montanero period (October to February). The pigs are raised outdoor and free eating all day long their acorns. Cured for 4 years . 

Note: Open at-least 45 minutes before consumption, let it air and come to room temperature for maximum flavor.


The majority of culinary experts agree in citing Ibérico Ham as Spain’s most exquisite delicacy it has to offer the world. From this same Ham, one can identify up to seven different flavors depending on the zone where it’s cut. A multitude of hues, aromas and scents all describe this gastronomical jewel. 


Did you know one Pig can eat 16 lbs of Acorn in a SINGLE day? Now you do.

An oak tree can produce, on average, about 44 lbs of annual acorns, therefore to ensure sufficient food strict guidelines apply, and a minimum of 1 hectare per pig is required. The producers we work with offer two hectares of free pasture per animal to guarantee that they are happy. 

 Read more about what makes Jamon Iberico the finest jam in the world.

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