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Holiday Gift Bag

Holiday Gift Bag

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Want a creative gift this holiday season, why not the gift of awesome Meat? Share your love for good food with others with similar taste. Why not wish your friends and familiy a happy holiday with the best meat in Miami.

* Let us know when and where you want it delivered.

* The gift will include a letter wishing this person Happy Holidays. If you wish, let us know exactly what you want the letter to say.

* Gift will come packaged in a Meat N Bone insulated bag with a Ribbon.

* Product will come frozen (except for Charcuterie)

We have designed options for every budget, this is ideal for your secret santa, co-workers, dad, boss or anyone with a taste for good food!


(1) Dinner Kit ($19.99)


SteakHouse Grade Ground Beef (1 lb)

* Filet Mignon Pieces (1lb)

(2) Charcuterie Board  ($22.99)

* Uncured Genoa Salame (3 oz)


Uncured Capocollo  (3 oz)


Uncured Sopressata  (3 oz)


Uncured Prosciutto  (3 oz)

(3) Steakhouse Burgers & Hot Dogs ($32.99)

* 4x 1/2 lb Steakhouse Grade Burgers

* 12-15 Beef Franks (made with our awesome beef)

(4) Meat N' Bone Sampler ($35.99)

* New York Strip Steak (12oz)

* Filet Mignon (6oz)

(5) Starter Kit ($74.99)

* Pre-Seasoned 10'' Cast Iron Skillet from Victoria Cookware. I

* USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye (20oz)

* Coarse Salt (Dos Anclas)

(6) Aged Sampler ($89.99)

* 1x USDA Prime Bone In RibEye Aged for 45+ days (22oz)

* 1x USDA Prime Bone In NY Strip Aged for 45+ days (16oz)

(7) Wagyu Sampler ($169.99)

* BMS 7+ Wagyu Center-Cut Filet Mignon (6oz)

* BMS 7+ Wagyu Ribeye (16oz)

* BMS7+ Wagyu NY Strip (12oz)

(8) Prime Box ($219.99): The Ultimate gift. USDA Prime and Wagyu Steaks. Includes Filet Mignon, RibEye and New York as well as cuts aged 45+ days

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