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Flank Steak | G1 Certified

Flank Steak | G1 Certified

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The Flank Steak is excellent for stir fry or "carne asada". Flank is often the better alternative to skirt steak when it comes to fajitas, shredded beef (ropa vieja) or similar dishes because of its texture.

Cook it at high temperatures and marinate it properly. You cannot go wrong with Chimichurri. It is a very tasty cut of meat thanks to its INTENSE beefy flavor.

Cutting the meat against the grain is the most important thing to remember when you're serving and eating it. The grain refers to the long strands of tough fibers that you can see running through the meat.


Source: US MidWest 

This product has been aged for 30+ Days to improve tenderness and flavor

Grade: USDA Choice (Black Angus Beef)  (learn more ( )


The Flank is from the bottom abdominal area of the cow, so it contains a lot of hard-working muscles. The meat has a lot of tough fibers running through it and is fairly lean. It's a thicker, wider cut of meat than skirt steak.

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