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Eat Great Everyday Combo

Eat Great Everyday Combo

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This week we are running an awesome bundle of items that can elevate yoour daily cooking! 

Save over 25% of this combo which includes 3x of each of these phenomenal steaks:

(You will see the quantities for each steak once you add this product to cart and the coupon will be atumatically applied at checkout. Keep in mind you cannot combine other offers/coupons)

Entrecote (Small Ribeye) | G1 Certified | 8oz-10oz

This is the smaller brother to your restaurant-grade RibEyes (which we call, the perfect steak). Entrecôte is the French word for a beef steak cut from between the ribs; in other words, a thin, boneless rib-eye. They arent perfectly sized, this is not a "Steakhouse cut" i terms of shape, but they taste awesome.

The Entrecôte is an excellent cut for quick cooking in a skillet or on the grill or for portion control. It is half as thick as our regular Boneless RibEye.

Petit New York Strip Steak | G1 Certified | Approx 10oz

The NY Strip Steak contains fat in levels that are somewhat in between the tenderloin (virtually none) and the ribeye (plenty of good, melty fat), and has flavors and textures that are more uniform throughout, unlike the ribeye which has varying textures.

These petit New York Strips are the smaller, a bit more grainy cousin of our G1 Certified New York Strips. They come from the same muscle and they are approximately 10oz. They are nicely trimmed but they MAY have a vein or two.

They are cut from G1 Certified USDA Choice Striploin. 

Indonesian Yellowfin Tuna Steak | Center Cut | 6oz

Tuna is one of the most sought-after fishes out there, it is used in all types of cuisine. You can eat it raw, cook it into a burger patty, sear it, or eat it like a steak. That said...  as a consumer, it is hard to differentiate between the different types of Tuna.

Wild-caught from long-line fleets in Indonesia, this premium cut of #2-quality tuna is guaranteed to make a delicious meal.

Each steak is perfectly center-cut for an optimal texture and flavor. Enjoy the juicy, tender, and buttery taste of this delicious fish! Discover the culinary delight that can come from #2+ quality tuna.

Atlantic Salmon Filet (Skin On) | 6oz

Atlantic Salmon is a rich fish, full of flavor, Omega-3, Protein, Vitamins A, B12 and D. At Meat N' Bone we pride ourselves in selling the best product at each price point. This Atlantic Salmon is the best salmon among its peers. 

It is farmed in Chile, in by professional aquaculturists (the seafood equivalent of agriculturists) and veterinarians.

All aspects are controlled and regulated for quality and consistency. Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon is available year-round while fresh Wild Salmon is only available during the summer.

Approximately ninety percent of Wild Salmon is caught from May through September. Because millions of fish are processed in such a short period of time and consistency and quality of fresh wild salmon can vary, most wild salmon is sold canned, frozen, or smoked.

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