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Cowboy Steak | Wagyu-Angus Cross

Cowboy Steak | Wagyu-Angus Cross

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This is a rare find, a bone-in Ribeye Wagyu-Angus. This steak is superior to any USDA Prime Steak and is one of the best price/value steaks in the market. 

Our Ribeyes are THICK, restaurant grade steaks. They are around 20 OZ per steak, significantly larger and thicker than your average supermarket ribeye. This Ribeye is a rare find and would be a very expensive steak to eat at a steakhouse.

Ribeyes are not very uniform in texture / flavor. They are easy to cook, but to master it... takes a bit of time.

Recommended Doneness: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well

Best Cooked: Grilled, pan-seared, broiled with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. 

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The Ribeye is cut from the rib of the animal, and has a circular shaped chunk of meat encased in a thin layer of gristle just off the bone.  

Ribeye presents excellent marbling, loaded with flavor and remains tender during most cooking processes.

Source: Australia


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