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Chopping Cleaver | High Carbon Clad Steel

Chopping Cleaver | High Carbon Clad Steel

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This is a fun cleaver, it is a chopping cleaver and it is 100% handmade. It is a "Chopping Cleaver" but it does have a very sharp edge. It is made out of high-carbon stainless steel. It does not require any type of special care.

We actually got the first of these knives about three years ago, I use it a lot and post plenty of pics on Instagram and people kept asking where I got it. So we decided to order more and put them up for sale.

The blade is 5 inches long, it is very well balanced, and weighs about one pound. Some people ask about the notch on the blade, yes it is on purpose and it is part of the "look" of the knife. 

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