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Chicken Breast (Boneless, Skinless) | 3 Pieces

Chicken Breast (Boneless, Skinless) | 3 Pieces

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Not all chicken is the same. A healthy chicken makes all the difference. ... we looked far and wide to find the best chicken in the US, and we decided to partner up with Bell & Evans.

Our chickens are raised without antibiotics, are 100% air chilled and more importantly are raised humanely. No added water, no hormones, no junk. 

These chickens are so humanely raised that even PETA has complimented them!

These boneless and skinless, hand-trimmed chicken breast fillets are full of flavor and natural juices.They are the most tender and best tasting chicken breast you can buy.

Bell & Evans spent decades perfecting their chicken breed, one that grows more humanely and thrives better in a higher-welfare environment. Their breed of chicken is more active, experiences less stress on its body and is an overall hardier bird. The result is a higher quality product for you.

You are what you eat.

These chickens are fed an all-vegetarian blend of corn and expeller-pressed soy bean meal made by extruding and expelling the soybeans (not hexane processed), plus vitamins, minerals and plenty of fresh well-water.

Lots of poultry growers use antibiotics, petroleum and ethanol bi-products and expired bakery goods as well brewery grains to cut costs. Not Bell & Evans. They take special care to feed their chickens only the best U.S. grown corn and soy, plus their our own blend of oregano oil, cinnamon and yucca to support their natural gut health.

Air Chilled?

Air Chilled is better because it sears in the natural juices, tenderizes the meat, and eliminates the need for chilled chlorinated water that most producers use.

Basically, air chilled is like dry-aging but for chicken.

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