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Butcher's Favorites

Butcher's Favorites

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A lot of people ask us what our favorite cuts are, and while all of us love a good Ribeye and/or New York Strip we decided to pick some of our favorite steaks that most people usually ignore.

The BMS7+ Flat Steak is hands down the most voted pick by our staff, even above the Ribeye. It is tender and delicious. Next up, it was the Wagyu Denver steak... this is a great overall eat and it is significantly better than the G1 Certified Denver. 

Then the Flat Iron, which is by far the most underrated grilling cut in our arsenal... to round up the menu, we wanted something lean a tender that still packs a lot of flavors. So we chose a premium Filet Mignon BMS7+

All of these are sourced from Colorado, USA.


- 1x 10/12oz Wagyu Flap Steak BMS7+

- 1x 10oz Wagyu Denver Steak BMS7+

- 1x 8oz Wagyu Filet Mignon BMS7+

- 1 8oz x Flat Iron Steak BMS7+

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