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Boneless Short Rib Cube (4 Pack) | Wagyu BMS7+

Boneless Short Rib Cube (4 Pack) | Wagyu BMS7+

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Short Rib is one of the most flavorful steaks in the steer. Extremely marbled and tender. Cooked properly, these ribs could run for the most flavorful cut of beef in a steer.

While ideal for braising, they can be cooked many different ways. You can cooked them with indirect heat, smoke them or cut them into small steaks and grill quickly over high heat.

My favorite way of cooking them is on the air frier, with a side of poached eggs and potatoes.

If you know your Miami steakhouses, one of them is famous for selling these. 



We work with what we consider to be the best Wagyu program in the US. This program processes a small amount of steers every week (140-175) which allows them to put care into every steer. These boneless short ribs come from a mid sized family owned company that puts a lot of care into each cut.

We have compared this program to others from major chains and stores, and we find that it consistently tastes better and eats better. This may be because these animals are fed for longer and at a slower phase than what you will find with other wagyu brands. The genetics of their animals are superior as well they’re very selective with the bulls they use from Japan (Japanese Kuroge Tajima bull).


 Best for: Braised, Crockpot

 Best Cooked: Medium, Medium-Well, Well Done

This product ships frozen.

Source: US MidWest


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