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Boneless Ribeye | A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu

Boneless Ribeye | A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu

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You are looking at an A5 Kagoshima Prime Rib.

Need a Higher Grade? No higher grade exists.

Want something a bit less expensive but still best-in-class? Check-out our BMS6-7 Bone-in Whole Prime Rib (/products/prime-rib-bone-in-whole-piece-bms-6-7) .

Learn about how we label beef and Beef Grading Standards (/blogs/the-clever-cleaver/wagyu-grading-system-differences)


This beef is considered some of the finest in the world and is known for its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor.

Overall, A5 Kagoshima Ribeye is a luxurious and decadent choice for beef lovers looking for the ultimate dining experience.


A5 beef is measured on five factors: (1) marbling, (2) meat color and brightness, (3) firmness and texture of meat, and (4) color, luster, and quality of fat.

In the quality grade, the lowest score from the four items of the yield grade is adopted. In other words, even if grade 5 was given to marbling, color and brightness, and firmness and texture, and only fat assessment was grade 4, the quality grade of this beef is classified as grade 4. Quality grading is severely done.

A5 means this beef excels in every single factor. It has a gorgeous webbing of fat that will make you feel a creamy mouthfeel in each bite. It's literally like tasting a cloud... a cloud of beef.

Like all of our steaks, they come vacuum sealed and have been hand-cut by our expert butchers. 


On October 10th 2022 Kagoshima was crowned as one of the winners of the Wagyu Olympics in Japan (the other big winner was Miyazaki). So we decided to celebrate by formally adding Kagoshima A5 Japanese Wagyu to our product lineup.

We offer the best beef in the world at the most affordable price that we could.

Best Cooked: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well



Source: Japan

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