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Blueberry Sumac Spread & Preserves | 2.5oz

Blueberry Sumac Spread & Preserves | 2.5oz

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Wild blueberries are cooked with salt cured, equitably sourced, wild, Turkish sumac berries. Another fun partnership with Burlap & Barrel for the best in single origin spices.

Ingredients: Blueberries (wild), Cane Sugar, Lime juice, Cured Sumac (sumac berries, salt), Pectin, Sea Salt


* Vegan

* Vegetarian

* Alcohol-free

* Dairy-free

* Gluten-free

* Grain-free

* Soy-free

* Low sodium

* Ethically sourced

* No added hormones

* No added nitrates or nitrites

* No antibiotics

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