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Black Cod | Pacific | 6oz

Black Cod | Pacific | 6oz

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Sourced from the North Pacific, this deep-water fish is raised sustainably in cold British Columbia. 

It's going to have a mild, sweet flavor due to the higher fat content and soft texture. 

Ideal Cooking: Grilled, Seared, Baked


Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw slowly under refrigeration. Cook this naturally delicate product from a thawed state.

DO NOT leave soaking in water, it will affect the flavor and texture of the fish. DO NOT leave thawed-out fish in vacuum-sealed bag for more than 24 hours. Consume within 24 hours for best results.


There is no such thing as "sushi grade" or "sashimi grade" fish (more on our blog) (/blogs/the-clever-cleaver/what-is-sushi-grade-sashimi-grade) . However, this is as safe as raw fish gets from consumption.  

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