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Australian Greenlip Abalone | 14-Pack

Australian Greenlip Abalone | 14-Pack

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If you have never had Abalone you are not alone. It is not common to find quality Abalon in the USA, because it doesn't grow here. We actually import it from the best program in Australia.

Abalone is a species of sea snail with a large oval-shaped shell.  It has a salty and buttery flavor. It has a chewy texture, if you can imagine a super flavorful calamari steak... well, that is what Abalon tastes like.

These abalones are never stressed by exposure to poor quality, artificial water, unlike abalone that is held in aquariums in stale, recirculated water for weeks prior to harvest.  You can actually taste the pristine Antarctic waters of the Southern Australian Ocean with every mouth-watering bite. This is more than just abalone; this is the best Australian Abalone delivered to your door.


The sweet, subtle flavor, tender texture, and pearl white meat of Greenlip Abalone make them one of the most highly sought-after ocean delicacies. Perfect for light frying and sashimi, Greenlip Abalone is the most delicate of all abalone species and is commonly sold in its shell to retain maximum flavor and goodness.

They boast great health benefits (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bone strength) and are rich in Omega 3, iodine, phosphorus (phosphate), and selenium. 


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