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Argentinean Quebracho Lump Charcoal

Argentinean Quebracho Lump Charcoal

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We only ship Charcoal to Florida Customers using ground service. 

Fogo Hardwood Lump Charcoal is made from dense Central American Hardwood and only hand selected pieces make it into every bag to ensure that you get the very best charcoal you can find. If charcoal were a car, this would be the Rolls Royce of charcoal.

Fogo means Fire and that's what Fogo is - it lights very quickly and is ready to grill within 15 minutes. It burns very hot, searing the meat and locking in the flavors and it lasts longer than other charcoal you can find.

Fogo is made exclusively from dense hardwood trimmings and using selected trees with no other added ingredients whatsoever. Fogo is an all natural, high quality product that imparts your food with the very best flavor and taste.

The reason we sell FOGO over any other charcoal is that it offers the best value/money relationship out there. 

First, the entire bag is FULL of large pieces. IT also BURNS properly, there are no sparks and it gives the right mix for Smoke/Flabor, which is subtle and not overwhelming.


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