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Argentine Red Shrimp | Wild Caught

Argentine Red Shrimp | Wild Caught

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Our Shrimp are wild caught of the coast of the Patagonia, in Argentina. They are known as Wild Red Shrimps, Patagonian King Prawn and Pleoticus Muelleri.

They have a VERY distinct flavor that originate from their natural habitats. These are wild caught, no farms, no antibiotics, no genetic modification.... just how god made them.

They have a delicate texture and a taste of sea. Some say they taste closer to Lobster than to Shrimp. To us, they taste spectacular. 

Our Argentinian Red Shrimp come Raw (yes, they are red but they are NOT cooked), peeled and deveined. They have their tail, which makes for awesome presentation.

A serving is 4-8oz, meaning that a bag of 2 pounds will be good anywhere from 4-8 people.

Each bag brings:

about 40 Shrimps for U16-20

About 50 Shrimps for U21-25


These beautiful shrimp require very little cooking and are perfect just grilled or sauteed in a pan over low heat.



Argentinian RED Shrimp are naturally red, they always look as if they were cooked. Once frozen and thawed out, they will turn black. To avoid this we added  sodium metabisulphine. It is not harmfull and very commonly used.

2 Ingredients: Argentinian Red Shrimp +  sodium metabisulphine


Overnight in the refrigerator. Keep it simple.


 NOTE, This product does NOT come vacuum sealed. Just individually packaged.

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