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Antelope Jerky Bites | 1oz Pouch

Antelope Jerky Bites | 1oz Pouch

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Have you ever eaten Antelope? After eating these snacks you will be able to say "yeah, I always eat some Antelope".

Antelope have extremely developed senses which help them detect predators. They are the second fastest land animal – behind the cheetah, of course – they can maintain up to 60 MPH for over a mile. They are so lean and healthy that these snacks have some thyme, rosemary and garlic for added flavor. 

These are made in small batches to guarantee freshness and flavor.

Each meat stick is: 

* Nitrite-free

* 100% real antelope

* MSG-free 

* Gluten free

* 1 g Sugar

* 10 g Protein

* 80 Calories 


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