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60+ Day Dry Aged Cowboy Steak Infused with Laphroaig Scotch

60+ Day Dry Aged Cowboy Steak Infused with Laphroaig Scotch

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So what happens when you mix some of the best bone-in USDA Prime Steaks in the world with a 10 year old, full-bodied smoky scotch? Be the one to find out by ordering these awesome steaks.As far as we know we are the ONLY butcher in the US doing something like this.

These steaks are very nice, between 19-22 ounces. The bone has NOT been frenched, because there is nothing like eating the meat that sits next to the bone. 

Expectations? This should be a very nice and tender steak. The aged flavor should be relatively mild and you should be able to feel the smoky-whisky. 

 Why Laphroaig?  In making Laphroaig, malted barley is dried over a peat fire. The smoke from this peat, found only on Islay, gives Laphroaig its particularly rich flavour. This single-malt scotch has a distinct strong bold, smoky taste.. which works very well with our aging process.

This whisky was also named 2019 Best Single Malt Scotch 10 Years & Under by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

This item MIGHT be delivered frozen.  Concerned? You should not be.

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