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4th of July Bundle

4th of July Bundle

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For the Burger lover, this is your calling!

Experience a variety of the best quality burgers, from Wagyu to USDA Prime. Carefully crafted, these burgers will make an amazing deal.

Paired with our Steakdogs, your group will also get a chance to experience one of the best Hot Dogs in the world!

This bundle includes:

- 4x Wagyu Burger Patties  | 1/2 lb each | Domestic BMS7+

- 4x | 1/2 lb each| 21+ Day Dry Aged Brisket Burgers Patties

- 2x | 1/2 lb each| USDA Prime Steakhouse Burger Patties

- 1x Steak Hot Dogs package made with USDA Prime and Wagyu Beef trimmings

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