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21" Stainless Steel Grilling Fork

21" Stainless Steel Grilling Fork

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This is a grilling fork.  Use? simple. Hold that juicy roast in place while you carve it.  It is longer than most at 21" which helps to keep your hands away from the heat.

Heck its so long you can use it at a fire pit. 

Why this Fork? Honestly, its cheap, durable and very nice. For $8.99 you will not find anything better.

This fork features sharp, durable stainless steel tines to successfully maneuver meats on the grill or the carving station. Brass rivets tightly secure the tines to the attractive, comfortable wood grip ensuring safe and effective operation. A highly durable, quality choice at an affordable price, this pot fork is a must-have for any kitchen!

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 21"


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