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10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, SIGNATUREsoft Technology

10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, SIGNATUREsoft Technology

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Every meat lover should have proper cast iron gear. Victoria Cast Iron skillets have the ingredients necessary to create a legacy: history, quality iron, strength, proven designs and simplicity.

What makes the Victoria SIGNATUREsoft Series special?

Indestructible material: Our trademarked Spherrous iron is different from all other skillets. It won’t crack or break.

Seasoned to Perfection: Preseasoned with 3 layers of Kosher-certified non-GMO flaxseed oil. Seasoning you can use out of the box, without risk of PFOAs.

Top Notch Tech: After 8 decades of experience, and constant testing we achieved the best possible softly textured finish with superior seasoning adhesion. Lab-tested, grandma approved.

Timeless Craftsmanship: 3 generations of experience infused with modernity to last a lifetime. Casting has been in our blood since 1939.

Intentional Details: From precision pour spouts to slow to heat handles, nothing is overlooked.

Homegrown Goodness: We make everything in our own factory. 100% in-house manufacturing means beautiful, quality items every time.

Coolness You Can Feel: Neck vent keeps handle cooler on the stove.

Heavy Weight without the Dead Weight: 5.3 lbs, weight where it matters, lighter where it's not needed. Well balanced with a longer handle

Better Performance: The Victoria Signature cast iron skillet has greater retention and distribution of heat, without all the dead weight. This seasoned skillet will keep your food hot for 15 min or longer.

Ready-to-use seasoning: This skillet is seasoned with 100% Kosher certified flaxseed oil. We never contain PTFE, PFOAs, fillers, paint, or any other petrochemicals.


Features with Purpose

Better Handles: Our handles were engineered to stay cooler longer while used on the stovetop. We also raised handles and made them big enough to hold safely.

The Perfect Finish: whether you choose Polished or Soft, we have the best cast iron skin for your seasoning and preference.


If your kitchen does not have a cast-iron skillet, it is missing something worthwhile. First off, cast iron has the ability to maintain very high temperatures. They heat up and maintain that heat until all the food in the pain is cooked evenly. That is especially important when cooking meats. 

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